Prioritizing Diversity & Inclusion Enriches Culture, Enhances Products

DTNA continuously invests in cultivating a culture where we respect, promote and utilize diverse perspectives and ideas. It is only through this level of employee engagement and collaboration that we can optimize group performance, deliver innovative products, fulfill our social responsibility and ensure our future success as a great place to work.

David Carson, Senior Vice President, Vocational Sales & Marketing and Chief Diversity Officer

"With over 20,000 employees in North America, DTNA employs people from all walks of life. In his role as CDIO, Mr. Carson ensures alignment of diversity and inclusion strategies with organizational goals."

Our Objectives

Increase Diversity: Increase the representation and participation of all people at all levels of the organization through strategic talent acquisition and workforce development practices to optimize performance, productivity and engagement.

Embrace Inclusion: Create an inclusive and engaged work environment that fosters, promotes and supports work-life balance, creativity and innovation through awareness building and skills development, as well as participation in Employee Resource Groups.

Model Equitable Leadership: Company leaders take an active role in promoting a work environment that demonstrates mutual trust, support and respect, where everyone feels acknowledged, heard, and valued.

Sustain Accountability: The diversity & inclusion objectives, initiatives, and aspirations are transparent and communicated to all employees. Employee actions reflect DTNA’s diversity and inclusion vision and mission.

Expand External Impact: Engage our suppliers, partners and customers to support DTNA’s diversity and inclusion vision and mission.