Strength Through Diversity

by Anahita Crawford, Manager, Diversity & Inclusion6/7/2017
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Diversity and the pursuit of equality and justice, have helped shaped North American society. The women’s and civil rights movements, compliance laws and policies and immigration from every corner of the world have played a role in shaping the workforce.

More than ever, the topic of diversity has reached a tipping point as a business issue. Diversity improves overall company performance. Diversity also provides improvements in areas of employee recruitment and retention, engagement, and morale, and an increase in effective innovation, productivity, and efficiency.

Diversity is everywhere. At Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), we have defined diversity as when you have more than one person in the room. As the undisputed market leader in North America, the company credits the diversity of its team – not only ethnically, but also through representing a variety of ages, locations, and areas of expertise – for continually staying ahead of the competition. Innovation requires diversity of thought.

At DTNA we proactively recruit and retain people from diverse professional and personal backgrounds. We celebrate the diversity across the company through the collective voices and activities of hundreds of DTNA employees through 11 Employee Resource Groups. We promote awareness and education through internal and external events, training, and round table discussions. We are always reviewing how we can continually improve and evolve as society and business changes. Recognizing the power of a diverse team is not something new at DTNA, it is something that we nurture. It is too important to our ongoing success not to invest in it.

Anahita Crawford Manager, Diversity & Inclusion

Employment Value Proposition


Never has the competition for top talent been as intense as it is today. Innovative companies understand that their ability to continue being prosperous in the future requires attracting the best talent out there. It is no longer enough to be an average worker, and it is no longer enough to be an average employer.

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Inside a Sustainable Supply Chain


Many companies claim to care about sustainable practices. At Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) our commitment goes beyond words and well into action. Just a few of the examples where we lead on sustainable practices: we work in a LEED Platinum headquarters and Zero Waste to Landfill plants, and we engineer the most fuel efficient trucks on the road. There are many more initiatives, including our supply chain practices where we minimize the environmental impact.

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